Sunday, March 11, 2007

Add Adsense to New Blogger

I finally got my Adsense code on to my new Blogger blog. And let me tell you, it took a long good while to figure it out.

The problem is that the Blogger platform is based on the “OLD” Blogger. So a lot of the information in regards to applying Adsense to your NEW Blogger blog is irrelevant.

However my Friends, you’re in luck! Below are the steps to successfully apply your Adsense Code to your New Blogger blog.

For those of you who have a Blogger blog, but have not applied for Adsense yet, now is your perfect opportunity! All the EASY steps to successfully getting Adsense on to your blog are right here. All I ask is when applying for Adsense use my referral button on the upper-most left corner of this page. I sincerely appreciate it.

For those of you who don’t have a blog, my advice would be to create one using Blogger, the very same one I’m using. The reason is because a blog with, is not only completely free, but is one of the very few that allows you to monetize your blog with Google Adsense. You keep ALL the revenue! Once you create one, come back here and follow my referral link to Adsense and all of the steps that you’ll need to apply it to your blog are right here.

Make sure to Bookmark this Blog, or link to it, so that you can continue checking back regularly, as I will continue adding ideas and new ways to help us optimize our blogs.

Please feel free to post and share any blogging ideas with us here. The exchange of information will be beneficial for all of us.


1) Login to Blogger.

2) Then you’ll come to the dashboard or the place that says Manage Your Blogs; then click on SETTINGS.

3) Now click on the TEMPLATE tab, and the ADD and ARRANGE PAGE ELEMENTS page should open up.

4) Now click on ADD A PAGE ELEMENT. Now depending on where you’ll want the add placed, you can choose the side bar element, or you can choose the bottom page element.

5) Once you click on that, a popup window will open up showing you various page elements. The one you want for your Adsense Code will be the “HTML/JavaScript” element. Click on ADD TO BLOG.

6) Then another popup will appear that says Configure HTML/JavaScript. DON’T write anything on the Title space!! In the Content Box PASTE your Adsense Code and don’t do anything else to it!

7) Now just click on Save Changes.

8) You’re done!

Now go view your blog and you should have Google Ads on it! Isn’t it great!

Remember that right off the top, these ads may not be the correct flavors of your site’s content. It may take the Google’s spiders a couple of hours or a bit longer to crawl on to your page(s), and start sending relevant ads to your blog.

Remember, you are allowed THREE Ad Unit boards per page and ONE Link Unit. So after placing this one on your blog page, go back and get the rest the very same way you got this one- doing of course, one at a time. Place them on your blog the same way you did the first one by following the steps above.

After you’re done placing all of your ads, then go back to the same place (Adsense Setup) and add Adsense for Search. This will place a Google search box on your blog pages. Once again as you did with the Ad codes, follow the same steps above. The process is exactly the same. This to will earn you a few coins now and then.

Again, after you’ve placed your search box on your page(s), go back to Adsense Setup and select Referrals. Follow the same steps above! What this does is place a referral button on your blog pages and offers yet another way to make a little extra cash with Google!

Just remember folks, DON’T click on your own ads! Don’t tell your family and friends or ANYONE ELSE to click on your ads! Stay away from programs that offer clicking services and such. Folks, it’s not worth it! Google has a way of finding all these things out. Perhaps not immediately- but once they do, your account will be suspended indefinitely!!

Instead, play by all of the rules and find ways to attract visitors to your blog. Google offers several suggestions. In the long run you’ll be much better off. Blogging can be lucrative, but it will take a little time to build it up.

I hope this information was helpful. Please feel free to share your ideas and techniques.

Happy (SUCESSFUL) Blogging.